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Nina is available for speaking engagements with colleges and universities, organizations, corporations, associations, public seminars, festivals and events. She has recently been a featured speaker at The Body & Earth Conference: The Future of Native Wellness, Central Coast Women's Symposium, Envision Festival, and The Goi Peace Foundation.

Previously, Nina has presented at a variety of forums and conferences with an array of foci, including: sustainability, women’s leadership, leadership from the heart, social entrepreneurship, permaculture, herbalism, interfaith and holistic medicine in additional to speaking and teaching at green festivals and in business and leadership events.

Past presentation titles have included:

| Full Spectrum Leadership for Engaged Action: Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit

| Re-Inventing Leadership with Relational Intelligence

| We’re All Indigenous to Someplace — What I’ve Learned from Native Mentors, Social,Ecological & Spiritual 


| Restoring the Feminine to a Place of Balance with the Masculine


| Leading from the Heart in Challenging Times


| Envisioning a Regenerative and Healthy Future: Beyond Sustainability


| Being Medicine for Ourselves, Each Other and Earth


| Escaping the Titled Room: Embracing Diversity for Joy and Resilience


| A River of Purpose: Clarifying Motivation as a Source of Authentic Leadership


| Embracing our Feminine Sides to Help Balance Ourselves and the World


| Living with Congruence: Marrying Nature, Culture & Spirit


| Finding Our Own Regenerative and Purposeful Sweet-Spot Now — When It’s Needed Most

| Business, Sustainability and Spirituality

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"Nina Simons, the keynote speaker for our eighth Central Coast Women's Symposium, brought wisdom, depth and heart to everyone who attended. Authentic and soulful, Nina shares herself on so many levels and connects with her audience in genuine and meaningful ways. Out of the eight symposiums I've produced, I feel this one was the most excellent and can be attributed to the dynamic and caring tone Nina set forth."

Laura V. Grace, Ph.D.(c)

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