Nature, Culture & The Sacred: A Woman Listens For Leadership

A two-time Nautilus Book Award winner! 

| recipient of a gold nautilus award for Women in the 21st Century

| recipient of a silver nautilus award for social change & social justice

In Nature, Culture, and the Sacred Simons delivers insights and inspiration related to the full scope of all that its title encompasses. Braiding together essays, prose poems and interviews it replaces the old patriarchal and hierarchical paradigm, to articulate and embrace a new model of leadership we can all whole-heartedly aspire to. Simons illustrates in myriad ways the interconnected nature of the issues we face, shares moving stories of women around the world joining together to create change, and weaves in teachings from indigenous cultures of how to reconnect people, nature and the land. A Woman Listens for Leadership offers useful ideas and practices to help anyone ride the waves of change and grow into their own unique form of leadership with greater congruence, resilience and joy.

| Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership is the perfect book for this historical moment. Nina Simons not only knows the rare gifts of leadership women can offer, she also reveals how challenge and adversity brings these gifts forth more brilliantly and powerfully..” 

Joanna Macy, author of World As Lover, World As Self

| “Nina Simons listened to the call of her soul and stepped into her role of waking women up to the need to embrace their leadership abilities. Nature, Culture, and the Sacred shares a wealth of insights to assist us in replacing the old worn out patriarchal and hierarchical paradigm. Simons brilliantly discusses the issues involved, shares moving stories of women around the world joining together to create change, as well as weaves in teachings from indigenous cultures of how to reconnect people, nature, and the land.

This is an amazing book that will inspire our current population of women and generations to come. This is such an important book to help us ride the waves of change." 

Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light:

The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life

Ecological & Social Healing: Multicultural Women's Voices

Ecological and Social Healing: Multicultural Women's Voices weaves together essays by fourteen multicultural women (including a few Anglo women) who are doing work that crosses the boundaries of ecological and social healing. The women are prominent academics, writers and leaders spanning Native American, Indigenous, Asian, African, Latina, Jewish and Multiracial backgrounds. The contributors express a myriad of ways that the relationship between the ecological and social have brought new understanding to their experiences and work in the world. Moreover by working with these edges of awareness, they are identifying new forms of teaching, leading, healing and positive change.

| Ecological and Social Healing is one of the most inspiring and beautifully conceived compendium of texts by formidable women writers and scholars on the most salient and urgent issues of our troubled Anthropocene. It is a clarion call, an imperative, a spiritual crossroads for understanding and appreciating our interconnectedness and indebtedness to one another and the "more-than-human". From explications of the profound spiritual traditions of Navajo and Filipino cultures, to talk of restructuring our global economy and so much more, this compelling book teems with antidotes to living in a dark, paralyzed, wounded time. Let us gather and absorb the gnosis here and act on it. Many kudos to editor Jeanine M. Canty for moving our century forward..” 

Anne Waldman, poet and Chancellor

of The Academy of American Poets



| recipient of a gold nautilus book award for Women in the 21st Century

| recipient of a silver nautilus book award for social change & social justice

Moonrise: The Power of Women

Leading from the Heart

Nina Simons and Anneke Campbell’s anthology Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart was published to critical acclaim. Through a tapestry of over 30 voices and stories, Moonrise illuminates how women and many men are redefining the leadership landscape across a diversity of perspectives, generations and ethnicities.

| “May this book filled with the words of women still connected to their heart, in fact, still driven by the passion of its thought, be a guide to others for believing we can think and feel intensely at the same time, finding our way to balance with all that exists.” 

Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple and Pulitzer Prize winner

| “Nina Simons’ Moonrise brings together thirty wise essays on transforming the old ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ division into a human style of leadership. These are writers and activists who know how to link rather than rank, and so can help each of us to learn as well as to lead.” 

Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms. Magazine 


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