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We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains.

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NINA SIMONS is Co-founder and Chief Relationship Officer at Bioneers, and leads its Everywoman’s Leadership program. Throughout her career spanning the nonprofit, social entrepreneurship, corporate, and philanthropic sectors, Nina has worked with nearly a thousand diverse women leaders across disciplines, race, class, age and orientation to create conditions for mutual learning, trust and leadership development. 

She co-edited Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart, and authored Nature, Culture, and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership—was released as a second edition in June 2022 with an accompanying discussion guide and embodied practices. The first edition won Gold Nautilus awards in the categories of women, intersectionality and social justice. Both books are being used to inspire and ignite learning in individuals, circles and classrooms. 

Nina serves on the Advisory Council for Daughters for Earth, and in 2017, received the Goi Peace Award with her husband and partner Kenny Ausubel, for “pioneering work to promote nature-inspired innovations for restoring the Earth and our human community.” Past honorees include Bill Gates, James Lovelock, and Deepak Chopra.


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Engage with Nina's words on the page and browse her publications — from full length books to online articles to edited anthologies. And get the latest information on the 2nd Edition of  Nature, Culture & the Sacred:

A Woman Listens for Leadership - now available for pre-order!


Find out when and where you can see Nina speaking in public, hosting workshops, and how to attend her offerings. 


The 2nd Edition of

Nature, Culture & the Sacred:

A Woman Listens for Leadership

is available to purchase now! 

The world seems to be divided into two kinds of people—those who divide everything into two, and those who don’t. Reading Nature, Culture and the Sacred is a step toward melting this false division into “feminine” and “masculine,” and allowing each of us to become fully human again and at last.

— Gloria Steinem


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