We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains.



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Nina Simons is an award-winning social entrepreneur and international public speaker who is passionate about healing our relationship with the natural world, women’s leadership and beloved community. She is Co-founder of Bioneers and its Everywoman’s Leadership program. She also co-founded and led Cultivating Women's Leadership with Toby Herzlich and Akaya Windwood, and is a longtime member of Women Donors Network. She brings her infectious vision of re-imagining how to live on Earth and with each other into organizations and training settings. In collaboration with Deborah Eden Tull, Nina co-facilitates transformative leadership intensives on Leading through Relational Mindfulness at Esalen and elsewhere. 


Nina received a Robert Rodale award in 2003 and was a recent recipient of the Goi Peace Award for “pioneering work to promote nature-inspired innovations for restoring the Earth and our human community.” She is the editor of the anthology Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart, which is being used in courses on diversity, leadership, and women’s studies. Her work can be found in the anthology Ecological and Social Healing: Multicultural Women’s Voices. Her first authored book, Nature, Culture & the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership (Green Fire Press, 2019) was recently bestowed both a Gold and Silver Nautilus Book Award


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